1. name ilham
2. date of birth 2000.12.04
3. pronouns she/her
4. mbti infp-t
5. zodiac signs sun sag rising cap moon pisces
6. hogwart house hufflepuff

7. likes flowers, the stars, sunsets, the rain, beach sound, strawberry, peach, cherry, strawberry milk, making new friends, interacting with mutuals (please don't hesitate to dm me or reply/like my tweets if you want :), video games, anime and mcu i would die for THOR, SPIDERMAN, IRONMAN
8. dislikes i hate avocado, mango, tomato, raspberry, heights, insects, bright colors, hot weather, closed places, problematics and try hards.
9. triggers any type of abuse, blood, self harm, horror, jumpscares.
please dfi if you won't tag these & if you're under 15.

10. links main - rant - listography - instagram - tumblr - spotify

    always cherishing every day of me loving you.
    you're such a blessing to my life my sweetest angel.


    my sunshines ♥️ 180128
    stray kids ot9

    JUNKYU + mashiho
    sana + wonpil + BOGUM
    yeji + jungkook + taehyung